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Minimal Footprint Maximal Effect

Biodegradable Glitter.


Minimal Footprint, Maximal Effect

Minimal is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic based glitter that gives the same amazing effect, without leaving a negative environmental footprint. Our glitter is created by taking the cellulose from hardwood, such as eucalyptus, and turn it into a biodegradable film. The film is then dyed with specially selected pigments and cut to precision in hexagonal shapes. Our glitter is compostable and will harmlessly dissolve in the environment. We are Australian based but ship all over the world.

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Your Biodegradable Glitter

The Minimal Glitter range has been hand picked to create a collection to suit all moods and desired looks. Our glitter is a great addition to your beauty collection as it can be used for both makeup and hair styling. It comes in various colours and sizes and are highly reflective to give you a maximal effect. You will find that our glitter is softer and more comfortable on the skin. It contains low levels of heavy metals and only 8% polymer.



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Ariel Russell  @arielrussell  - Photo by Tarek Bieganski  @_tarek_  - Makeup by Nicole Giardossi  @nicolegiardossimakeup

Ariel Russell @arielrussell - Photo by Tarek Bieganski @_tarek_ - Makeup by Nicole Giardossi @nicolegiardossimakeup

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