7 Amazing Occasions to Wear Biodegradable Glitter

If you have ever been 5 years old, there is a good chance that you have experimented with glitter before, but the dazzling dust should also be completely part of your dress-up box as an adult too. Now, immediately your mind might jump to crazy festival-goers bouncing around like glitter maniacs with festival face jewels and we totally get the reference, because well festivals are awesome and serious centers of fun.

Festival glitter is fun, however, here at Minimal HQ, where biodegradable glitter runs wild in all areas of our lives. We thought it would be an awesome opportunity to dispel any glitter misconceptions and provide you with 7 of our most loved occasions for adding a little sparkle to your life all year long.

Birthday Celebrations

There are two different types of people in this world. Those who love dress up parties, and those who don’t. If you’re planning your own or someone else's birthday, consider having a glitter theme.Even if you generally hate themes, a glitter dress-code gives people inspiration while allowing them to go as wild or conservative as their imagination allows, and still feel part of the action.

Now, here’s where things get really awesome - For those of you that are “all-in or nothing” - type people, you will want to have a glitter stand at your special day. This way, you can make sure everyone lives up to your vision of a sparkling birthday.

Having people leave your birthday event covered in glitter will not only put a smile on their face, it will make people talk about and remember it for a long time. 

Gala Night

What do you think of when you hear gala? Glam, champagne and party. Glitter at a gala is the perfect match. I’m just saying, it should be called ‘Glitterala’. 

We took Minimal to a charity gala and the glitter could not have been more of a hit. Women went bananas and one lady let us cover her whole back. 

This is not so much about applying glitter on your face. It’s about adding glitter on the parts of your body where your dress doesn’t cover. Think about it as an alternative to a sparkling piece of jewellery. 

If you want to look glam without buying an expensive gown, adding sparkles to your look is sure to turn heads. We call it the gala-look. Match your little black dress with a beautiful gold or silver glitter blend by applying it along your back, neck or chest. 


Hens Party

Hens parties are all about making the bride-to-be feel her most magnificent in celebration of her upcoming special day and it’s impossible to not feel like a gorgeous fairy princess when you are bedazzled with a shimmering aura.

Whether you are planning on a wacky night out on the town, or a more sophisticated and refined affair, both bride and battery of hens will be ready to rock the night away and create copious amounts of good-luck for the new Mrs’.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.52.44 pm.png

Photo from @olajasyoga

Holiday Glitter Feels

You are going on a holiday to Bali. You have booked a beautiful airbnb with a private pool and only 50 metres to the beach. All your outfits are sorted, you’ve got a fresh new red bikini and your nails are perfectly manicured and painted in the same shade of red. You picture yourself sitting by the pool after a day at the beach, sipping on a pina colada. It’s totally Instagrammable and you cannot wait to snap that perfect shot for your profile. Not to mention the daily stories you are going to record.

Now, this has been done before and it will keep on happening. Your followers expect your daily post and they want you to show them what’s new. What are they packing for their Bali holiday? Biodegradable glitter, baby!

Hands down, there is no better way to stand out as your followers scroll through their social feeds looking for some thumb stopping action, than some perfectly applied, gorgeous sparkles reflecting the shimmering water all around you. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Wondering how to apply glitter designs – check out this article before your next getaway.



The reason that humans are so innately drawn to glitter is that the shimmer resembles the reflections of the sun hitting water necessary for our survival. And it’s this little known fact that makes glitter so perfect for picnics.

If you’re planning a picnic, then you’ve probably checked the weather forecast to ensure glorious sunshine and those stunning sunrays reflecting off your body glitter are going to make people drawn to you like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Loving the idea of being one with the sun? Try hair glitter to really radiate.


Day at the Beach

Sparkling beach bodies are not solely reserved for the sunbathers of St.Tropez. If you are somebody who loves to turn a day at the beach into a re-energizing pampering event then, you will never feel more empowered than with strategic shimmers applied from head to toe.

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 6.52.29 pm.png

Glitter and confidence go hand in hand and by the end of your day in nature, you will be shining inside and out. What’s more is that you don’t have to worry about your glitter being washed into the sea because Minimal glitter is totally biodegradable and won’t hurt any fishies if it gets into the waves.

Subtle Look for Your everyday life

Let’s not forget that glitter is not only just for special events. In our lives, every day is a special event and we believe these little sparkles are a fun and important part of our self-care routines. The care and thought that can go into applying glitter takes you out of your everyday patter and forces you to slow down to concentrate and celebrate your body.

Perhaps glitter may be a little too much for a corporate environment if you are a lawyer, but it brings fabulous fun to most roles outside of the realms of the suits and, if you do feel glitter wouldn’t be appreciated by your boss, there’s nothing stopping you from keeping it in your work bag to add a subtle smattering of bling to your look as you head off to your after work plans.

As always, we absolutely love to hear your glitter stories and the pictures of course! Share them on social and follow us for more biodegradable news, tips and how-to’s while you are at it. Together we’ll save the world, one sparkle at a time.