Our Story, your choice

We like to have the world at our feet and understand that with opportunities comes challenges, sometimes exciting and sometimes tough. We created Minimal to make a positive impact of some of the world’s problems by making the right choice. Following our heart and consciences to bring our vision into reality. We will change the world by spreading the right kind of shine.

With every piece of plastic ever made comes a problem, we cannot get rid of it. Now, imagine how many tiny pieces of plastic exist in the environment. It’s impossible because there are way too many. Microplastics is what plastic based glitter is made of and is one of the worse polluters in the world, contaminating the oceans and the marine life. Marine animals starve to death when they ingest the small bits of plastics. Sadly, many people are unaware of this and continue to use the wrong kind of glitter.

We are here to raise awareness of the negative impact of this problem and to inspire others to minimise the plastic footprint. Sustainability is at the heart of our business. It defines our values and it is what Minimal is about. Shining from the inside out is possible, when the choice Minimal.

"The shine of the glitter is comparable to the shimmering oceans and because of our evolutionary instinct to seek water, we have developed a love for glitter."