Festival Mix

Festival Mix


A vibrant blend for festive occasions. You will find a beautiful combination of turquoise, dark rose, violet and silver glitter in this candy-looking mix.

Festival-lovers and colour enthusiasts - this one is made for you.

Minimal Glitter comes in a glass jar, packaged in a beautiful and recyclable Minimal box.

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Application tips: Apply the glitter using Minimal’s Natural Primer and a flat synthetic makeup brush or your hands. Start by adding a thin layer of the primer onto the skin and apply the glitter. For hair applications, we recommend using a colourist tint brush, hair gel and hair spray.

Removal Tips: You can remove our eco-glitter, without leaving a trace of sparkles in your bed. Water by itself reactivates the primer so you can wash it off with ease. We recommend using water and potentially taking a shower after wearing glitter makeup.

Why Minimal?

  • Softer than plastic based glitter

  • Cruelty free

  • No animal testing

  • Highly reflective

  • 100% dissolves when washed down the sink

  • Made from nature’s own eucalyptus