Silver moon 006

Silver moon 006

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Oh so fine! A beautiful subtle biodegradable glitter, soft and comfortable to the skin. Beautiful by itself and suitable to mix with any other shine from the Minimal Glitter range.

Choose between small (5g) or Large (10g) glitter jar. Both comes in a glass jar and the large option comes packaged in a beautiful Minimal box.

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Application tips: Apply the glitter using Minimal’s Natural Primer and a flat synthetic makeup brush or your hands. Start by adding a thin layer of the primer onto the skin and apply the glitter. For hair applications, we recommend using a colourist tint brush, hair gel and hair spray.

Removal Tips: You can remove our eco-glitter, without leaving a trace of sparkles in your bed. Water by itself reactivates the primer so you can wash it off with ease. We recommend using water and potentially taking a shower after wearing glitter makeup.

Why Minimal?

  • Softer than plastic based glitter

  • Cruelty free

  • No animal testing

  • Highly reflective

  • 100% dissolves when washed down the sink

  • Made from nature’s own eucalyptus